what is ringright?

click to call drives consistent conversions.


our click to call technology.

It is an omnichannel, user initiated, pre-qualified, inbound click to call technology that seamlessly integrates between the prospect and school representative. 

RingRight provides a student-driven user experience that is exclusively between the prospect and their school of interest. Prospects who choose to connect are open, interested and have an immediate need to speak with the school. 

did you know?

"quick answers and real-time feedback are the leading motivations for using a call process"

58% .

57% .

54% .

42% .

*Google Think Insight Click to Call Metrics

how it works.

Example: Prospective Student Experience.

Positive Experience​

positive experience.

Each prospect is pre-qualified, geo-targeted and sent to sales in real-time. 

Email and SMS Marketing

sales to schools.

Each prospect is pre-qualified, geo-targeted and sent to sales in real-time

Adaptive Routing​

adaptive routing.

Based on their selections, users can be routed to a sales representative in a specific or specialized division.

Audio Messaging

audio messaging.

Custom audio played to prospects during the connection process.

Rotational Hours​

rotational hours.

Prospects are only sent during  specific business hours.

Accurate Representation

accurate representation.

Fully automated system, no 3rd party call center or misrepresentation by human involvement.

Comprehensive Integration

comprehensive integration.

System will connect to landline, VOIP, mobile phone, Skype or Google number.

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