what is gi?

our full commitment to honesty, justice, and integrity.

gi, performance guarantee.


our performance guarantee.

Ronin operates with integrity and stands by the quality of its service and the customer inquiries that we provide. We offer a guarantee that our clients will meet pre-determined metrics and back it up by supplying additional marketing at no extra charge.

our leads against any KPI.

Typically, clients have specific metrics from which they plan and allocate budget. These metrics often include a specific contact rate, a certain number of phone or in-person appointments or an application for service.

over-achieve on your marketing objectives.

With the backing of the Ronin Gi, we enable our clients to meet or exceed their goals while continuously improving their marketing approach.

how gi works.

target metric.

target metric.

This goal is set at the start of the campaign and closely tracked.

leads submitted.

leads submitted.

Prospect requests are submitted and they are supplied to client.

Brand Identities

leads are client managed.

Results of the client management process are weighed against the target metric.

the difference.

the difference.

Quantity versus the target metric is made up by Ronin if there is an under performance.

popular KPI's.

a. inquiry contact rate
b. the number of in-person appointments set
c. number of applications submitted

ronin uses a combined process.

Data analytics
Audience fencing
Traditional Marketing

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